I first found Robin and Shawn when my Lollipup was a nervous little puppy.  Robin opened her arms, and Lolly stopped shaking.  It was then I knew that Robin had “that special touch.”

I would not entrust my dogs to anyone else; the Pampered Pooch is the best (and I’ve tried others!).  Robin and Shawn play ball all day long with my “Ball-Brained” Frizzy, who also loves her doggie playmates (especially her boyfriend, Shadow!).  My dogs always return home clean, happy, up-to-date on medications, and tired from all the fun they’ve had.

For personalized, loving, attentive care for your small dogs when you’re away (and even for an occasional “play date”), the Pampered Pooch can’t be beat!

Myrna and Frizzy

Robin and Shawn have taken impeccable care of our two Bichon Frise dogs, Geisha and Malcolm, for the last eight years.

The service they provide out of their home is unprecedented.  Pick-up and delivery of your dogs, e-mail updates during your absence, weekly bath and brush and final “report” cards are some of the special touches that make the Pampered Pooch pet sitters by far the best facility of its kind I have ever used.

My husband and I travel frequently, usually on extended trips of a month or more.  The stress of leaving our beloved “children” behind during these trips has been greatly reduced because of our complete confidence in Pampered Pooch pet sitters.   

 I have often said that when my dogs spend time at Pampered Pooch pet sitters I know they will receive as good--or even better--treatment than they will at home.

Richard, Karen, Malcolm and Geisha

" ... Robin is gentle and has ‘the touch’ with animals. Sammy shares a special bond with her ...
I always say Robin is the second mom of Sammy! ... "

Emmanuelle and Sammy

Robin is truly amazing! We have been bringing our precious Zoey to Robin for over 6 years and we could not be happier. Robin has that special touch. When we take Zoey to Robin's home, we cannot say Robin’s name for fear that Zoey will be crying with excitement the entire ride. Robin not only is caring and loving with the dogs but she truly understands their needs. Robin makes it her mission to connect with the dogs and with Zoey she can always tell how she is feeling. Over the years, Robin has helped us in providing advise and care options that have really illustrated her care and compassion for these amazing animals. Robin provides a plethora of different activities, which include but are not limited to: walking, bathing and playing. Robin has assured us and given us the confidence to never have to worry about the safety and social interactions of Zoey. Robin truly has the natural touch and provides excellent services for these animals, her services have never fell short of a loving, caring and safe environment. I would never leave “our” Zoey in the hands of anyone besides Robin.

David, Babette, Ashley and Zoey

Shadow has been doing "vacations" at The Pampered Pooch" since 2009. He becomes so excited if he hears the name "Robin" that we have to be careful when we talk. He just loves Robin and Shawn.

Having the run of their home and a great protected outdoor area encourages such fun interaction for Shadow with the other dogs (especially Frizzy). Shadow comes home exhausted...and clean!

We can enjoy our vacation with full confidence that Shadow is having a great and loving vacation also.

Noreen, Jon and Shadow

Lucy has been staying with the Pampered Pooch for four years, since being rescued at 11 months of age. Robin and Shawn are the only people I would entrust with Lucy. I travel domestically and internationally and would never consider planning a trip without first emailing Robin to make sure there was space for Lucy in their loving home. I never have a moment of worry or concern when Lucy is with Robin and Shawn. They make my trips easier knowing that she is in such capable hands and in a safe and comfortable home.

Susan and Lucy

Our cockapoo, Max, has been staying at the Pampered Pooch since his days as an active puppy more than eight years ago. Robin and Shawn are a part of Max’s life and have played a significant role in his development and socialization with people and other dogs. We feel complete confidence and are comfortably relaxed when we go away for extended periods of time knowing he’s with his best of friends, furry and not. Probably the best example of how our family feels about the quality of care provided is given by Max himself when we prepare his things for a stay with Robin and Shawn. As soon as Max recognizes his travel gear, he typically runs several excited laps around our house, settling by the door and whining in anticipation of a stay at the Pampered Pooch.

Robert, Maria, Caitlin and Max


"If only I had been able to find child care half as wonderful as The Pampered Pooch! … Having tried a myriad of different dog nanny options, I can tell you that there is nothing that comes close to the care, attention, and love that surrounds your dog 24 hours a day in this establishment. Since each guest is carefully screened and evaluated, there is a great feeling of camaraderie among the few privileged pups that are fortunate enough to have landed in this doggie utopia … The Pampered Pooch is the gold standard of dog sitting."

Diana, Steve and Poocini

“Our clientele have
always given positive
reviews of Shawn & Robin’s
pet sitting services.

We would not
hesitate to recommend
The Pampered Pooch to
any of our clients.”

The Staff at
Ventana Animal Hospital

" ... care provided by Robin and Shawn far outweighs the quality of care found at other pet sitters ... They really take into consideration the particular physical and emotional needs of each of their guests."

Alex, Ildiko and Puffy
the-Clock Care
One-on-One Care
at its Best
Limited to
Small Dogs
Frizzy loves to play

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